Fadr API Overview


Aug 19, 2023

Welcome to the Fadr API docs. These docs explains all of the features and controls of the Fadr API in detail.

By using the Fadr API, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to the Fadr API Terms of Use.


Right now, the Fadr API includes features from Fadr's Stems page. You can separate any song into its main stems - vocals, drums, bass, melodies, and instrumental (a combination of drums, bass, and melodies). You also receive midi of each stem except for drums, the chord progression as txt and midi, and advanced key and tempo detection.

Usage of the Fadr API requires a Fadr Plus subscription, which costs $10/mo or $100/yr. Your subscription pays for your first $10 of API usage every month.



All files used with the Fadr API are stored on Fadr's fast and secure cloud storage - you don't need to store anything yourself. In order to upload and download files, you ask the Fadr API for presigned URLs. A presigned download URL gives you temporary read access to a specific file via a GET request and a presigned upload URL gives you temporary write access to a specific location via a PUT request.


Assets are documents in Fadr's database that describe a file in Fadr's storage. After you upload a file via a presigned URL, you create a corresponding asset, and from then on you exclusively use the asset in communication with the Fadr API.


Tasks are documents in Fadr's database that describe a processing job such as stem separation. For every job you request, a task is created. You can ask the Fadr API for an updated version of a task at regular intervals to see its latest status and details.