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Unlock pro status with Fadr's top features including SynthGPT, 14 stem types, lossless WAV downloads, and much more.


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Next Level Features

Fadr Plus gives you capabilities you can't find elsewhere on Earth.



Create synths with text.

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Individual Drum Stems

Separate drums into kick, snare, and everything else.

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Individual Melody Stems

Separate melodies into piano, guitar, strings, wind, and everything else.

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WAV Downloads

Download all of your results in lossless, 32 bit WAV format for professional applications.

Pro Stems

The finest AI stem separation on the planet delivered in 30 seconds or less.

Fadr Stems Plugin

Create stems of any song in your DAW.

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API Access

Integrate the world's finest stems into your own project for the best price on the market.

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Individual Remix Tracks

Download individual tracks from remixes so you can keep working in your DAW.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited cloud storage for your results so you can access them forever.

Technically Unmatched

Fadr Plus has the most stems and the best price. It's not even close.

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🥁 Stem Types
14 types
10 types
6 types
🤖 SynthGPT
🎹 Midi Extraction
🎵 Chord Progression,
Key, and Tempo
🎧 Remixes
🎤 Voice Swap
💻 DAW Plugin
🎚️ Stems Price$10/mo Unlimited$70 for 500 minutes$34.99/mo Unlimited
☁️ API Price

(per minute per stem)

$0.01$0.06+$0.025 to $0.05

Made for Pros

Fadr Plus empowers you to craft a release ready sound.

Sample Anything

Experience the first ever individual drum stem separation tool. Extract kick, snare, and other drum stems from any song. Turn your favorite songs into an unlimited library of pro samples.

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Level Up Your DAW

Access the best stems on Earth from inside your DAW with the Fadr Stems plugin. There's so many ways to use Fadr Stems - fix old mixdowns, revitalize iPhone/handheld recordings, sample sounds from any song, and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fadr Plus?

Fadr Plus is a subcription service that gives you access to Fadr's top tier of bleeding-edge music tech. It includes features that you can't find anywhere else on Earth, and we're always hard at work adding more. Plus it's backed by a no questions money back guarantee.

What is included in a Fadr Plus subscription?

Fadr Plus includes individual drum stem separation, the Fadr Stems plugin, Fadr's best stemmings model, lossless WAV downloads, unlimited storage on Fadr, and much more. Plus, we're always building new ones and we listen to your feedback on what to add next.

What happens when new features come out?

Our team is constantly working to bring new tech to Fadr. Fadr Plus is our one and only product, so as a subscriber you'll always get access to new features with no additional costs.

How much does Fadr Plus cost?

Fadr Plus costs $10 USD per month or $100 USD per year. We accept all major cards and Paypal.

What if I'm not 100% satisfied with Fadr Plus?

We've worked really hard on Fadr Plus tech, and many of our features can't be found anywhere else. So we're pretty confident you'll love it. However, if you try Fadr Plus and you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your most recent payment - no questions asked.

We reserve the right to refuse refunds if you use Fadr Plus extensively.

How do I cancel a Fadr Plus subscription?

You can cancel your Fadr Plus subscription quickly and easily at any time on your account page. Just click the tab called "Subscription" and click "Cancel".

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